Planting Helichrysum Italicum Immortelle Seeds

Helichrysum Immortelle Seeds for Planting


Interested in planting helichrysum italicum immortelle seeds? Planting immortelle from seeds can be a long but rewarding process. If you are blessed enough to have the environment that immortelle thrives in, it will be easy to grow large beautiful immortelle bushes that will bloom with yellow flowers!

Immortelle thrives in a Mediterranean climate. It enjoys dry and rocky soil that water and moisture easily passes through. If you are located in a rainy climate, and your land is swampy, be sure that immortelle's roots will likely rot away and you will never see the beautiful flowers you once thought you would.

The requirements for planting immortelle from seeds really depends on how much immortelle you are planning on growing. At Immortelle Shop, we sell helichrysum italicum seeds for planting immortelle. To make it easier for new growers, we have included all the planting instructions with step by step photos to help you in planting your immortelle!

Immortelle planting seeds are very small seeds, that need to be taken care of while planting. It is easy to plant a few thousand seedlings without realizing it! Weigh your seeds before planting so that you can know how much to plant in each container. Remember that 1 gram of seeds and produce sometimes up. to3,500 individual immortelle seedlings!

If you are thinking about planting immortelle and creating a plantation, be sure that you will need a greenhouse to get your seedlings started. You can start seedlings in the fall to have them ready for planting in the spring, or you can start them in the spring, and have them ready for planting in the fall.

Once your seedlings are grown and ready to be transplanted in your garden or field, it's important to plan this move before executing it. If you are planting in your garden, it is easy to water your immortelle. But if you are planting thousands of seedlings in a large field, make sure you plan ahead.

I always recommend to new immortelle growers to watch the weather and plant immortelle when you believe it will be a rainy week. Even though immortelle does not need much water when fully grown, it does need watering when they are small seedlings. It is important to water your immortelle in the beginning, to ensure strong immortelle seedlings that will grow into nice large immortelle bushes!


Growing immortelle is easy if you know the right way! With each purchase of immortelle seeds you will receive a full planting guide with step-by-step instructions!


The germination of immortelle seeds is a simple process if you follow the steps in our planting guide. As soon as you receive your seeds, our planting guide with show you how to begin germination, then prepare to transplant the seedlings into individual containers, and then the most important part: how to create seedlings that will grow into nice bushes when transplanted into the field. Bigger bushes mean more essential oil!


To produce 1 liter of helichrysum italicum immortelle essential oil you need at least 600 kg of raw plant material for steam distillation. For your first year of planting immortelle you can expect to receive 100-200 grams of plant material per immortelle plant. In the second year you can expect 500 grams per plant, and the third year you can expect to receive sometimes up to 1 kg or more per plant!


Helichrysum italicum immortelle flowers are harvested twice per year, meaning you can expect to receive a nice harvest in the summertime, and another harvest in the late fall!


Since the immortelle harvest is only twice per year, planting seeds are not something our company can manufacture or produce in a factory. We have to wait for the natural process to occur and when it is time to harvest seeds. If you are interested in purchasing seeds and they are currently available in our shop, we suggest not waiting because they might be sold out the next time you visit, meaning you will have to wait until the next season’s harvest!